Hi, I'm Noa.

I am an Assistant Professor at ISLab, Osaka University.

Looking for students! All levels are welcomed: Ph.D., Masters, Undergrad, Internships. Drop me an email to discuss potential projects.

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A big thank you to everybody who has supported me so far, especially professors, colleagues, and students at ISLab.

Research Interests

Vision and Language

Computer Vision for Art

Image Search

Highlighted Publications

Nikolaos-Antonios Ypsilantis, Noa Garcia, Guangxing Han, Sarah Ibrahimi, Nanne Van Noord, Giorgos Tolias

(NeurIPS 2021 Track on Datasets and Benchmarks)

Zechen Bai, Yuta Nakashima and Noa Garcia (ICCV 2021)

Noa Garcia, Mayu Otani, Chenhui Chu and Yuta Nakashima (AAAI 2020)

Noa Garcia and George Vogiatzis (VISART workshop, ECCV 2018)

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